There are many ways to get involved at Hope of the Delta using your gifts, talents and experiences to benefit others. From counseling to answering the phones to planning events, whatever your area of interest, we will find a place for you!  When you serve at Hope you are more than a volunteer.  You are an integral part of God’s team.

In Jehoshaphat’s army there was a particular soldier who stood out from the rest.  His name was Amasiah and Scripture tells us that he was a “volunteer for the service of the Lord.”  What a wonderful way to be remembered.  That is why we call our volunteer positions “Amasiah Opportunities.”

Objective of the position: Using our time and talent to work together to empower men and women to choose life (spiritual, physical and abundant).

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Be in good standing with a local body of Christ
  • Have a recommendation from your pastor and three other references
  • Pass background check
  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position and to sexual purity
  • Agree with and be willing to uphold Hope of the Delta’s Commitment of Care and Competence, Statement of Belief, Statement of Faith, and its policies and procedures
  • Be able to respect and keep information confidential
  • Be dependable, stable, and capable of following through on commitments
  • Exhibit a sincere desire to reach out with the love of Jesus to people in distress
  • Understand basic interpersonal dynamics
  • Be familiar with scripture pertaining to the sanctity of life, forgiveness, and salvation
  • Complete Hope of the Delta’s specified initial training
  • Complete on-the-job training
  • Attend on-going volunteer training meetings

Service Position General Description (Check the appropriate box you are interested in)

 Lifeguard (Client Advocate)

  • Provide crisis intervention support for each client in an atmosphere of warmth and compassion through listening and other helping skills
  • Provide accurate information on abortion, parenting, adoption, and foster care
  • Follow all policies and procedures regarding intake and in-office duties
  • Offer support, material, and appropriate referrals to a client’s situation
  • Look for teachable moments with a client in order to share the love of Jesus and His plan of salvation
  • Appropriately follow up with clients according to the policies and procedures of the Center. Keep up-to-date on statistics and information relating to pregnancy, abortion, and adoption through volunteer staff meetings, magazines, journals, and newspaper articles
  • Keep current on information in the pregnancy center referral system
  • Maintain all client records as indicated in Center policies and procedures

Lifeline Representative (Give presentations to churches and other local organizations) 

  • Be able to articulate:
    • The Center’s Mission and Vision Statements
    • Services offered at the Center
    • Current client statistics
    • Hope of the Delta client stories
    • Center needs and opportunities for involvement
  • Speaking to groups on behalf of Hope of the Delta
  • Performing informational presentations within an allotted time frame
  • Responsible for accepting donations on behalf of the Center and turning them in to the responsible Hope staff in a timely manner
  • Must show self-restraint to stay on script and on a pre-approved message during presentations
  • Show punctuality in arriving for appointments and/or presentations

Abundant Life Parenting Class Instructor (A.M. and P.M. classes available) 

  • Facilitate educational class using the established curriculum
  • Share the love of Jesus by beginning each class with prayer and providing an opportunity for class participants to recite the week’s memory verses
  • Arrive on time and prepared for each lesson
  • Notify the Director of Education in advance if you will be unable to facilitate a class
  • Ensure class participants sign in at each class
  • Discuss previous week’s homework assignment, allowing class participation
  • Play the DVD for that week
  • Review DVD worksheet with the class allowing class participation in providing the answers
  • Facilitate discussion of the week’s lesson using the prepared material
  • Provide instructions for the next week’s homework assignment (including any brochures as applicable)
  • Pass out the diapers, wipes and Baby Bucks to each class member
  • Assist class members with the purchases in the Mommy Store
  • Record purchases on the sign-in sheet for the week
  • Assist with clean up at the end of each class

Special Events Committee 

  • Golf Tournament
  • Baby Bottle Offering (May-June)
  • Banquets
  • Walk
  • Misc. Fundraisers

Other areas you may be interested in according to your skills & gifting (clerical, store, etc)

 Note:  We are in the process of renovating a building in Stuttgart and we are in dire need of a volunteer project manager to pull a permit and help set up steps for incoming mission teams.  Also need people to help in the renovation process.

Call 870-535-0811 or email

You can begin the process now by:

  1.  Print the Volunteer Job Description.  Check the appropriate boxes and sign and date the acknowledgment on the last page.
  2. Print and completely fill out the Staffing/Volunteer Application.
  3. Mail the completed forms and a $17 for background check (scholarships available if you don’t have the funding) to:  Hope of the Delta, P.O. Box 1518, Pine Bluff, AR  71613