Knowledge is power. Learning about the changes happening in your body, how your baby is growing, and parenting after the baby is born, are all important topics for you to consider. Our incentive based Educational Classes will help you feel equipped and confident in your new role. Classes are usually built around a professional, evidence-based curriculum.

Earn While You Learn (EWYL)

Earn Baby Bucks while you learn essential childbirth and parenting skills, in a comfortable and relaxed classroom setting with skilled facilitators. Then “cash-in” your Baby Bucks for new baby clothes and other items. The more effort you put into the program, the greater the reward.  You will receive extra Baby Bucks for completing homework and receive incentives for perfect attendance.  Topics include proper nutrition and health tips during each trimester; what to expect during labor; bringing baby home, etc. Emotional topics including handling stress, postpartum depression, and what to do when the baby is sick, are also covered.

Money management, writing a resume, interviewing skills, and other practical skills are covered in this class module. Class will be customized to suit your needs.


Because Hope of the Delta acknowledges the importance of fatherhood, we also offer educational classes for the father of the baby.  Just like the mothers, the men attending our program grow in knowledge and confidence while earning Baby Bucks and other incentives.